I just got back from a run & was thinking about…water. That I don’t know about you, but I struggle to drink enough plain old H2O every day, even though I know it is absolutely THE BEST thing for my skin & body. So what is my go-to for perking that water bottle up to get me actually wanting to drink glass after glass? Adding fresh sliced citrus & berry blends (any fruit will do – think kiwi) mixed with combinations of  herbs. Strawberry-Basil and Lemon-Mint have been keeping me hydrated as of late – or take a look at Erin’s mixes here for even more unusual blends with a dash of sweet. Keep your concoctions in clear glass pitchers in the fridge – they’re so pretty, it will help remind you to drink every time you open the door. For something even quicker – fill your 8 oz. glass with cold water & blend in 3-5 drops Wild Orange Essential Oil. Get your 64 ounces a day going – while enjoying each & every sip!

* image via [ Gardenista ]


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