Dining In | Braised Mexican Chicken

I’ve been away from writing for myself for nearly a year, and what finally inspires me to start typing that first post again? Food. Really good, really healthy food. From a crock pot. [ Oh, as a busy & active woman, how I love a good crock pot meal to come home to at the end of the day – be it after work or finishing climbing a mountain! If you do anything for yourself this week, please go & get one for yourself. Please. You won’t regret it… ]

I’ll write more as we go about my hiatus away, but thought that it would be best to stop procrastinating about blogging again, and just get back to plain old doing. You can’t expect anything to change if you don’t take action in life, and so sharing my life thoughts & strategies with strangers begins anew…

Last week after a bit of a slump of basic salads and Trader Joe’s entrees, I was craving something easy, warm, homemade & comforting – and I just happened to receive in my inbox the weekly Goop newsletter with a focus on crock pot spring recipes. A pot of simmering shredded chicken was the perfect answer for my weekend. Not only did my house smell AMAZING all day, there were tacos & fresh guacamole (making guacamole only takes about 8 minutes I swear, so don’t be intimidated) ready for a late dinner when my boyfriend arrived back home from the snowy East coast. We continued to munch on it plain, atop salads, and as a final leftovers creation – re-heated over fresh polenta and black bean side. And can I tell you that I think the polenta will be the first dish next time?! With just a few simple ingredients and about 30 minutes of prep, you too can be eating right at home better even than the little taqueria down the street. Find & enjoy the recipe by clicking right here.

* image via Goop


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