A Good Read | Find Your Happy Daily Mantras

Day One MantraWhat am I reading every morning to start my day off in a focused upbeat way? Life Coach Shannon Kaiser’s companion book to Find Your Happy, Find Your Happy Daily Mantras. I picked this gem up right after going through yet another layoff this year (when Target closed down it’s Canada business in January, my design department that created the photography and layouts for the Canadian fliers was subsequently shut down within 24 hours too). Day One’s reading on being brave & courageous with my heart was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Every day since I’ve read one mantra, one page, a day. No matter how busy you, how overwhelmed, how depressed you are with your circumstances – it’s easy to manage just one page and one positive thought a day, right? Right. We’ve got this – but a little morning pick-me-up sure can’t hurt to help keep the momentum going. Get a copy and keep it on your bedside table, the kitchen counter by the coffee pot, in the bathroom – wherever you’ll see and be reminded to reach for something better each and every day of the year.

* image & day one mantra via Shannon Kaiser of play with the world
** Find Your Happy Daily Mantras available via Amazon


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