words of wisdom | be the one

It’s Friday the 13th – the perfect day to focus on how many things you can do to facilitate someone’s good luck verses how many things went wrong for you personally throughout the course of today. Let’s be the ones to leave those around us in better shape than when we found them…make some sincere eye contact this afternoon, bring someone flowers, say please and thank you to complete strangers. I turned around and gave the elderly woman struggling to pull free a shopping cart in the parking lot my just-freed cart at the market this morning. Instead of continuing to be frustrated, she laughed and we lamented together how much we hate those necessary evil contraptions needed to carry groceries. I’m able bodied and wrestled that stuck cart to freedom and was on my way pretty quickly too. It’s easy to connect with other folks out and about when we just slow down to be present in the moment – & I think you’ll find it not only makes a sunny difference to someone else’s day, but brings a positive energy – and a smile – right back to you. So what is my personal mantra today? Forget Friday the 13th. I make my own luck. AND I can take action to facilitate luck for those around me. Yep, that’s how I define being lucky.


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