Dining In | Sunchokes

Brussel Sprout & Sunchoke Salad

Sunchokes look like this at the market…

slice & roast in olive oil

Look what I found at the Ballard Farmer’s Market this weekend – sunchokes! I’d been eyeing this gnarly looking root (actually related to the sunflower!) since last year but had no idea what to do with it, and so when I spied mounds of them last weekend in the stall – I grabbed a cautious handful to take home. I only wish I had purchased MORE of this less starchy, slightly sweeter potato substitute. They were so good that the evening I roasted, sliced and simply seasoned them with olive oil, African sea salt blend from Trader Joe’s & a dash of pepper – and then tossed them with my twice roasted (pan & then moved to the oven for just a few moments) balsamic vinegar brussel sprouts, I found my boyfriend who was supposedly cleaning up the kitchen after eating, actually just unabashedly picking up & popping every last remnant into his mouth of the sunchokes from the pan left on the stove. I’d say that new-to-me vegetable must be a winner.

Find the equally excellent salad recipe above over on Love & Lemons. There’s a very good chance you’ll be seeing more of them posted here too this spring.

* images via Love&Lemons + Grower’sOrganic


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