My Life | in weekly snippets

What I did last week...

What I did last week…

Some weeks seems to tick-tock-tick by – like I thought this last one did. But when I photo collaged just a few of the snapshots from my life that happened over about seven days, I really was busy (besides all of the monotnous hours looking for work) out there living! A gentle reminder to be grateful every single day for what is happening in the moment so you don’t miss a single beat.

– A quote that stuck with me all week came from the Dalai Lama. “Happiness isn’t something ready made, it comes from your own actions.” How true, right? I could have sat at home, watched cable, napped – which would not have left me personally happy. At all. But instead I put myself on a work schedule, getting up at 5:50am to knock off several hours of emails, research, and work searching straight away before lunch, which left me part of each day to feed my soul. I was in charge of that – WE are in charge of that for ourselves. Our actions make happiness, not other people nor their actions toward us. Inaction = Unhappiness. At any rate, something to think about when you’re feeling down and not in control of what is going on around you. You may still have to spend hours with the DMV (true story), but the other things throughout your day that you put in motion can offset the negative and keep you moving in a positive mindset.

– So, speaking of daily choices, one of those afternoons I ducked out to see some live Celtic & Irish music on St. Patrick’s Day. I had never, ever been out on this particular holiday (sad, but true for this Norwegian/Irish/Scottish gal) – and in all reality when would I have the flexibility to cut out mid day for a few hours on a Tuesday to catch some live bands? With my corporate career & those office expectations that can come with it, likely never – so Carpe Diem! I even got to clap on the bagpipers and dance a jig (or two).

– The spring harvests are coming in full swing and I can’t buy enough of its vegetables! Roasted brussel sprouts (and the restaurant & recipe where I first had the realization I liked them, for your reference!) and grilled asparagus are being added to most dinners. And if you missed my sunchokes post from earlier in the week – you better pick some of those up too…

– And how wonderful to pack up the car early Saturday morning with my boyfriend and head to Seattle for (almost!) 48 hours? Take my word – a road trip & mixing up your daily surroundings can turn your whole week around & leave you rejuvenated for days to come. We stayed with one of my oldest friends from Jr High – meeting at age 13 in Mesa, Arizona. We’ve both found our way back to our roots in the Pacific Northwest – it’s been wonderful to spend time with each other again, especially on her birthday weekend. She and her husband purchased an organic farm, while still holding down their day jobs. The property in Puyallup is absolutely stunning, they grow and can the most savory garden edibles, AND there are fresh eggs galore from the resident free range chickens. Besides just enjoying the farm & playing in the river and pond, we visited vineyards in the area (including taking the ferry over to Bainbridge Island to find some smaller labels) like this one and this one, shopped the Ballard Farmer’s Market and ate lunch from food carts, saw dualing pianos in Tacoma. The fun goes on & on; we’ll be back for more adventures. I can’t wait to see what they do next with the place!
* please note: rain coat hoods should be pulled up before wandering the top deck of the ferry on a rainy day, and especially while giving your loved one a little road trip kiss amongst the wind and drops! There are only bad clothes, not bad weather…

Enjoy your week!


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