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Omission IPAAs a gal who without denial relishes carbs (hello, fresh sourdough bread anyone?!), I sadly share that the level of Gluten-Free in my diet has ranged from zero to (an ecstatic!) pasta every single day. For nine months it was entirely out of my eating repertoire during, and post, an elimination diet I was set upon by my Naturopath to start sorting out a very long year of feeling nauseous after nearly every meal, bloating, diahhera and tender & painful to the touch abdomen. At one point my symptoms were so severe – I was being mis-diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease by my Western based doctor and GI Specialist. But luckily when all was said & done – and I was on my way to recovery – it turns out I have what is best described as a high sensitivity to Gluten rich foods, that tends to be exacerbated by long term stress. So these days I’m nearly gluten-free again, and work to keep my weekly intake low, so I can splurge and have a bit (like with pizza!) without adverse reactions from the past. I never want to go through that discomfort, and actual disdain for eating, ever again.

Outdoorsy girls have always had a beer...

Outdoorsy girls have always had a beer…

So let’s fast forward to now. After the last four years and a recent flare up of my old symptoms – I’d all but given up on being able to drink beer ever again and not regret it 20 minutes later…UNTIL I found myself a six pack of Omission‘s IPA. I wish I could give you a Top 10 list of make-your-mouth-water-for-it-gluten-free options, but I just haven’t been able to find any that stand up to my craft brew discerning palette. Sigh. But Omission’s IPA is just as good as many of its gluten touting cousins, and definitely the best by far ‘free’ option I’ve tasted (and I’ve tasted). Really! So get your adventure filled day on and throw some of these in the cooler to partake in from a nice perch above a waterfall or over a canyon during the sunset at the end of your day – at least that’s what I recommend from personal experience. Let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like bringing back a fond memory into reality again…

PS: You may want to hide your stash from your microbrew drinking friends who will drink said beer without even realizing it’s missing something!

* images via SanDiegoUnionTribune & Prepaganda & MessyNessyChic 


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