glow from the inside out

glow from the inside out

Student of life. Optimist.
Overcomer of obstacles. Artist. Collaborator. Climber/Runner/Kayaker/Hiker/Biker.

Over the last five years I’ve become a big believer in paying it forward, whatever that ‘it’ from experiences may be. I’ve been so fortunate to have wonderful people lend a hand and help me through both emotional and health issues along the way to getting me where I am this moment, living an authentic healthy, happy life. I realized it was time that I would love to do the same for others! My personal journey that led me to a healthy lifestyle that often leaves me glowing from the inside out was long and meandering. But maybe I can help you with the steps to get there a little faster. Often I think that just means sharing the tidbits of our everyday lives and habits – out loud! So that’s what I commit to doing for you, in whatever way is best for you.

I’d be honored to help you find and explore your own definition of a joie de vivre filled life – a delight in being alive; keen, carefree enjoyment of living. Let’s just simply start today…

AND if you’re still curious…
Professionally I hold a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing. With over 18 years working in the fashion, activewear and home interior industries I’ve been able to bring my unique understanding of how to apply design and messaging from the earliest product concept all the way to connecting with a brand’s consumers online and in social media, working for brands such as Target Canada, Rejuvenation (Williams Sonoma), lucy activewear, Nike Swim, and Merrell apparel to just name a few.


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